On Thursday, July 21, 2022, the Monitoring Committee of the Concession Agreement for the Management of the Operational Aspects of the Editing and Securing of Standardized Invoices in Burkina Faso (CSC-FN) held its first session for the year 2022.

Chaired by the Director General of #TaxesLed by Mr. Daouda KIRAKOYA, the Director General of Taxes, this session included the amendment and adoption of the minutes from the previous session held on December 16, 2021. It also involved reviewing the progress of activities carried out during the first half of 2022, amending the draft letters for returned stickers and contentious stickers, and providing guidance on the handling of returned stickers.

Mr. KIRAKOYA commended the holding of the present session, which allowed the General Tax Directorate (#DGI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso (#CCI-BF) to explore certain aspects of their partnership. He also stated that “The Monitoring Committee can be approached by the technical unit at any time to provide guidance or make decisions on all matters of interest.” He reassured the #CCI-BF of the support from the #DGI and encouraged the committee members to continue their discussions on the process of using standardized invoices.

Among the activities carried out during the past semester, notable ones include the launch of the generalization of the use of standardized invoices on March 31, 2022, the organization of a press lunch on May 6, 2022, information and awareness campaigns in May and June 2022 in the regions of Hauts-Bassins, Cascades, Boucle du Mouhoun, Sud-Ouest, Centre-Sud, Centre-Est, Centre-Ouest, Centre-Nord, and Plateau Central, as well as the sale of stickers.

From January 1 to June 30, 2022, a total of 9,600 sheets of Real Normal Taxation (#RNI) stickers and 15,794 sheets of Simplified Real Taxation (#RSI) and Micro-Enterprise Contribution (#CME) stickers were sold. During the same period, there were 7,039 enrollments of #RNI taxpayers and 10,744 enrollments of #RSI and #CME taxpayers.

Regarding the restitution of stickers, stolen or lost stickers, the committee has decided to revise the decree governing the management of standardized invoices to account for cases of regime change and all situations in which purchased stickers may be involved.

Regarding the fate of the returned stickers, it has been agreed to permanently remove them from the sales process. To accomplish this, the technical unit has been instructed to propose to the Committee the modalities for the destruction of the stickers.

The Monitoring Committee consists of eighteen (18) members from the DGI and the CCI-BF. The vice-presidency is held by the Director General of the CCI-BF, and reporting is done by both entities.