Employment law | Memento

SOCIAL by Auxiliaires
from Transport

This handbook differs from the Social Code in two respects:

  1. It presents only the texts applicable to the profession concerned, taking care to extract inapplicable texts,
  2. it provides answers to questions asked by employers and employees, with solutions and answers (paid leave, sickness, redundancy, etc.). The texts are compiled and analyzed for a clear, simple but well-documented answer.

This handbook addresses the problem of clarifying and identifying texts by profession.

In this way, readers get the answer to their question without being confused by information that doesn’t concern them.

This memento is part of a collection of books covering all professions in Burkina Faso:

  • Social memento for all professions,
  • Memento social commerce,
  • Social memento of journalism,
  • Mémento social auxiliaires de transport,
  • Memento social du transport routier,
  • Memento social des entreprises pétrolières,
  • Social memento for pharmaceutical companies,
  • Memento social de la microfinance (SFD),
  • Memento social enseignement privé non conventionné.